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A different look at Red Hood and the Outlaws…(sort of NSFW)




I have no doubt that everybody’s already seen this, so I drew… them swapping bathing suits.

I was going to give Kory Jay’s t-shirt, but she doesn’t really liked to be dressed anyway. Couldn’t bring myself to do it. But she gets Roy’s trunks.

I won’t go throwing spoilers around (but I assume the rest of Tumblr has already done that for me), but I saw the Kory in Red Hood and the Outlaws and then remembered this, this, and this Kory, and couldn’t imagine them being the same person at all.

Tumblr’s ranted and raved about it enough for me, so I’ll just shamelessly promote this article.

Welp, boys, I’m glad you divided that bikini evenly.

translation of that art: “Women are only allowed to be strong when they wear ugly baggy clothes and cover themselves up. Otherwise, they are dirty whores who are also probably victims.”

translation of that shit article that people keep posting: “blah blah, slut shaming, blah blah, more slut shaming, blah blah, let’s take away these women’s sexual agency and try to make them victimes, blah blah, more slut shaming.”

At this point, I’ve stopped being angry at people. At this point, they genuinely have my pity. What kind of terrible world you must live in if you see something wrong with three adults (or two, in Catwoman’s case) having consensual sex.

Hello, there. This is the artist of this speaking. It really isn’t the greatest, but, hey, I felt compelled to draw it. Now, on what you said: I really don’t agree. There’s a reason I didn’t bother with Kory’s shirt. She doesn’t like to be dressed - heck, she probably doesn’t like even that much clothing. She’d more likely prance around naked. And I’m perfectly alright with that. 

My issue lies in their exploitation of her character - wait, no, scratch that, my complaint lies in them messing with who Kory is. In a world of Batmans who are terrified of coming to terms with their emotions, we get a Kory - a woman who is completely comfortable with her body, completely comfortable with her emotions - loves without reserve and feels so intensely, and hates being exploited. 

Yeah. I’m talking about that Kory. 

What did they turn her into? A goldfish and a dog. So, what is that? A goldfish-dog? She seems there to pretty much answer to their every beck and call and - guess what? She can’t remember anything so it’s okay to take advantage of that. Mmhmm. 

Now take a good long look at those three panels I referred to in reference to the old Kory. 

She’s strong, sexy, completely okay with nude photography that doesn’t exploit her, loves emotionally first and physically second, and, above all else, is one of the most inspiring women in comics. 

Yeah, that’s the Kory I knew and loved. 

I’m missing her like you don’t even know. 

Also briefly wondering if you could get away with reblogging this without catching my attention. Also curious as to whether you missed where I said I couldn’t bring myself to draw Kory in Jay’s t-shirt because the Kory I know doesn’t even like the restraints of clothing. 

Just breathe.

In my weekly column on Newsarama, Hey, That’s My Cape!,  I talk about pretty much anything having to do with comics. This week I had to start my column with the words, “It’s a tough time to be a woman who likes superhero comics.”

I’m fortunate to know a diverse group of people whose eyes are open to what’s going on in the world around us. Sexism, not just in comic books, but in the media at large. Of course comics are my main focus and something that has been in the news even more as of late.

People wonder why women like myself get so angry when we see things like this happen. I have a good guy friend who listens to his geeky girl friends when they tell him all the terrible things that are spewed at them on a daily basis (usually anonymously online). I will have to remind myself to think about what he just said to me, “You can’t fix stupid.” 

But it’s difficult.

It’s difficult when someone says, “Who cares?" about something you care a great deal about. If they don’t care at all, why are they bothering to fruitlessly add to the discussion? They say, "Go read something else." But I *like* these characters. I want to read about *them*. "Males are demeaned just as much as females in comics." If you really thought that, you wouldn’t be reading them or you’d be online complaining about it like we are. How about, "Comics will never be for women?

Hello, my name is Jill. I like comics. I like them so much I made a career out of them. Are they perfect? No, but I can certainly do my part to help make them better or more accessible for other women to read.

I don’t necessarily think people who don’t see sexism in comics at all or that don’t see it as a problem are stupid or neanderthals that need a few more centuries to evolve. Ok, maybe I do think that but I also like to give those people the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they just need to hear or see it in a certain way and then it will finally click? Or maybe their minds will never see it the way we do. It’s a hard thing to accept when you are so strongly in the opposite corner of the ring.

But then you run into someone (of any gender) online who does get it and who is or has become enlightened and it gives you hope. Yes, we’re not just spinning our wheels here, we’re not making things up and we’re not the only ones who want change. When the naysayers are calling you names or saying what you’re doing doesn’t count for anything, try and remember that.

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