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The most memorable moments in DC history for women: Nominee #21

Just a pre-curser to my op/ed going up on Newsarama in a bit about the Batgirl/Oracle news. I wrote this a few months ago.


What I’ve enjoyed about this series, other than the fantastic writing and insight, is having people who have a love for certain characters write about them. One of things I love about comics is the personal connection people have with characters. Where I have been able, I’ve invited guest posters to write about characters that I know they have an affinity for. Today’s guest poster is the talented Jill Pantozzi, “the Nerdy Bird” who writes for her own blog, Has Boobs, Reads Comics as well as the column “Hey that’s my cape!” for Newsarama as well as several other comics sites. Jill and I share a love for the same character. Can you guess who she is writing about?

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Had to make this my new Twitter icon. It was too beautiful not to. By Matthew Skipworth, aka Crimsonsea. 


[Image description: A portrait of Oracle from the shoulders up.  She wears yellow-tinted glasses and beautifully detailed, flaming red hair falling about her shoulders in waves.]

 by *Crimsonsea Oracle Bust

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