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Are you questioning Miss USA’s geek cred? My first question is, “Why?”

Campanella answers a question posed to her about her affinity for collecting history books. In the midst of her response, the newly crowned Miss USA happens to say, “I watch Game of Thrones, I watched Camelot…I know those are fantasy but I also watch the Tudors, so I’m a huge history geek.”

When I heard that, my first thought was, “this chick is awesome!” Do you know what some other people thought? “SHE’S A LIAR.” Seriously. Their first thought was to assume Campanella was lying about liking the HBO series (which has huge viewership) and simply pandering to the audience and judges.

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    More fucking power to this girl for not limiting herself to “nerd girl” or “beauty queen” stereotypes. She seems lovely,...
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    So the current hot debate among the geek community seems to be “Is Miss. America REALLY a geek?” To be honest, the whole...
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    “Chris Flocco wrote, “anybody that can walk in a bar and get free drinks all night shouldn’t constitute as a ‘geek’....
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    See, it’s so ridiculous how we still think that nerds = introverted white males. It’s 2011. Can we please get inclusive...
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    I know right? So many people can’t believe I’m a nerd just because I look so freaking good. Like Mo Rocca and Sean...
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    should we really care if or not she has Geek Cred??? we’re all geeks and nerds, we be snobbish about it
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