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[TRIGGER WARNING] If you don’t want to have sex with some dude don’t allow yourself to be put into that situation. Certainly don’t spend time alone with him. Don’t go out and get so drunk you can barely walk either. Sexual predators see women like that as easy pickings. We are men and if you are even a somewhat attractive woman we will try to sleep with you. Our bodies want to have fun. It is our minds that feel guilty later.

Part of a comment I deleted from The Mary Sue for obvious reasons. 

  • Victim blaming. Look it up. It’s wrong. Don’t do it.
  • Human beings are not animals, we have self control. Just because someone trusts you enough to be alone with you, gets drunk in front of you, does not give you the right to take away their rights.
  • Not all rapists are men.
  • Rape is not about attraction/sex, it’s about power.
  • Teach all children respect, teach all children rape is wrong, so we can stop having this conversation. Human beings shouldn’t have to put ourselves in a position to not be raped (we’d all have to live in solitary locked boxes), we should stop people from raping.
  • Don’t even think about leaving comments like this on my website.

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