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Derailing 101: when less than intelligent internet users try to stick it to us women folk with opinions

Or not, as the case may be.

This comment was left on The Mary Sue last night. Specifically our post from November 28th on Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. We’ve since deleted it but I felt the need to bring attention to it here. 

See, this is a perfect example of derailing.

Someone who’s never visited or commented on our site before (yes, I checked) posts a comment they believe makes a vital “point” when in fact, they’re just showing their ignorance and prejudice. The Mary Sue is a geek girl culture blog, the James Gunn incident was squarely in our purview. To claim Susana doesn’t care about serious issues around the world is erroneous and an attempt to discredit her very valid opinions and concerns on the topic at hand. We get this kind of thing a lot in our chosen profession which, to be sure, is one we enjoy. So while I normally wouldn’t waste my time on someone who chooses to make this type of comment on our site (over a month after the article was posted I might add) I felt the world should know this is not a line of reasoning that will get you anywhere.

And FYI, Batwoman was the character in question, not Catwoman. Batwoman is an open, kick-ass lesbian with her own solo title at DC Comics.


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  10. melancholywise said: This happened a lot with the whole Feminist Frequency kickstarter thing as well, and it’s like, if these guys are so concerned about human rights abuses abroad why don’t they volunteer for a charity organisation rather than spending hours trolling?
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