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“Some girls look that way” is one of the dumbest red herrings in these lines of debate. Of COURSE some girls have large breasts! Hell, Amber does, the girl in this very strip. The problem is ALL girls in comics tend to have large breasts, if not the same physique all around. Yes, guys can find girls with smaller breasts more attractive, but those guys apparently aren’t drawing comics, or feel moved to conform.

For the thirty-billionth time, the physique of women in comics is only one small part of the perceived problem. The rest is presentation. Guys in comics don’t pose with their asses cocked pointing towards the ceiling. The “cameras” aren’t pointed on guys in comics to accentuate their sexual characteristics. Guys are drawn to look powerful, girls are drawn to be eye candy. And this off-kilter balance is SO PERVASIVE in our society that most people don’t even notice. Many folks assume girls actually stand with one hip out to the side all the time, in real life. (Hint: They don’t.)

But that’s an aspect of media that’s hard to argue against, so of course people who feel uncomfortable being told media representations in comic books tend to be inherently sexist flock to the “but some girls have big boobs!” distraction.

David Willis, the creator of Shortpacked on how “Dudes just can’t stop missing the point, ever.” Quoted for truth.


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