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I think [HBO’s Game of Thrones] rides a very fine line and creatively it’s sort of amazing, because I think sometimes people are outraged by how much nudity there is and how compromised women are in these circumstances. And then they find a way to fill these characters with such a richness, and to kind of blindside you with a power that is within a female character, a level of intelligence, a survival skill that can totally outshine any of the other characters that we’re familiar with. And I think that they’re not afraid really shine a light on how fucking terrible it can be for a woman out there. How dangerous it is in this world and the kind of violence that is perpetrated against women.

SDCC Exclusive: Pedro Pascal Gives Us His Take On Game of Thrones Gender Roles | The Mary Sue (via themarysue)

This man was a dream to speak with, for many reasons.

Yes, while it’s taken decades for Comic-Con to put their code of conduct on the website and discuss the issue of harassment publicly, the very first year it’s possible for the general public to be wearing Google Glasses at the convention they’ve made sure to include them in their no-recording policy (and in no uncertain terms). You see, piracy is a very important issue.
San Diego Comic-Con Emails Important Information To Ticket Holders, Includes The Words “Anti Harassment Policy” (via themarysue)
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